September 21 2021 Meeting Report

Junior Rotarians return, Garden Party debrief, Spring Annual Dinner discussions and much more!

Welcome Announcements

  • New devices are now in place to enhance our sight and sound experience of our hybrid meeting format
  • We are eagerly anticipating the return of our Junior Rotarian program
  • It was nice to see the return of a recently retired Kim Henning!

Today's Program

  • We discussed Club Assembly... past, present and future opportunities

Club Operations

  • A meeting is scheduled for this week for the Board of Directors Report / Actions.
  • Meeting logistics: from food to forum, we are back at the Lighthouse Inn
  • A final, final financial/operations report awaits expense totals for the Garden Party Fundraiser. However, it is anticipated that the funds raised will be sufficient to complete our Woodland Dunes commitment.
  • Todd N. placed a call for website content to continue to grow our website. He is particularly interested in stories about the club history.
  • The website's address has also been updated to a more easily remembered name. Bookmark to visit the site any time!
  • A member "primer" ought to be a program offering to include within the next few weeks.
  • The club discussed ideas for a Spring Annual Dinner. Beneficiaries for the dinner may include the Central Park West project or the Harborview Park project, a pavilion allowing the protected display of a vintage Coast Guard boat and informational kiosk. Now is the time for recipient concepts to be raised and vetted.

Club Events / Service Opportunities

Signups sheets are available in the binder.
  • The club discussed updates and a call for participation in the Road Rally scheduled for October 9th. The event is on the right track with the final destination a part of the journey. Invites have been sent. Our club's raffle item commitment has been achieved thanks to Debra B. and those who provided baskets! Radio ads and personal promotion are being used to stimulate participation. Funds raised are used for club support of community projects and organizations.
  • Rose Sale plans are under way with leadership provided by Lori Z. aiming for an October kickoff.
District Activities
  • Grant plans to apply our successful $3000 grant award with a site selection and construction report…awaiting installation details (possibly November?)
  • Environmental Days of Service: To kick off the addition of ‘Supporting the Environment’ as Rotary International’s newest Area of Focus, Districts 6220, 6250, and 6270 are banding together for a week of service focused on the environment October 4th-10th, 2021. Clubs are encouraged to participate by focusing programming and service on the environment during this week. Our Club is contemplating a cleanup of the proposed Harborview Park. When combined, the scattering of wildflower seeds should create a more aesthetically pleasing entry into our central community, a counterpoint to the current signage on Memorial Drive.
  • World Polio Day is October 24th.
  • Foundation report: Our Club’s Woodland Dunes commitment has been fulfilled through Garden Party raised funds and our Club coffers.  Next Foundation board meeting is being scheduled.