March 21, 2023 Meeting Report

In today's meeting, we received a visit from Rotary District Governor Mike Phillips on Rotary, its functions, and the role of the Rotary Foundation.

Meeting Minutes Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 Location: Cool City Brewing Company and via Zoom

Attendees: Not available at time of publication


  1. Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test
  2. Welcome and Announcements
  3. Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries
  4. Junior Rotarian(s) today include: Justice Cyr
  5. Guest(s) today include: Mike Phillips, District Governor
  6. Program
  7. Club Operations
  8. Club Events and Service Opportunities
  9. District Activities
  10. Happy Bucks
  11. Looking Ahead


  1. The meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test.
  2. The President welcomed everyone and made announcements regarding the meeting format, including the availability of Zoom for those who could not attend in person. She thanked the Cool City Brewing Company for hosting the meeting and introduced Mike Phillips, the District Governor, as a guest speaker.
  3. Birthdays and anniversaries were acknowledged.
  4. Justice Cyr was introduced as the Junior Rotarian.
  5. District Governor Mike Phillips spoke about the Rotary organization, its functions, and the role of the Rotary Foundation. He discussed the Council on Resolutions, which is made up of representatives from each district in the world, and shared information about the declining membership in Rotary. He also introduced the program "Growing Rotary Through Service," which has been implemented and proven to be effective in increasing membership.
  6. Club Operations were discussed, including upcoming programs, the need for chairs or members of committees, and board or foundation meeting reports. The Annual Dinner was also discussed, with an update on the number of sign-ups and the need for more silent auction items.
  7. Club Events and Service Opportunities were discussed, with reference to the Rotary Planning Calendar.
  8. District Activities were discussed, including Tricon in LaCrosse and the need for more support for the Rural Affairs Seminar (RAS).
  9. Happy Bucks were collected, and contributions will go towards the bag of cash for the Annual Dinner.
  10. The President thanked everyone for attending and reminded them of the upcoming board meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2023, via Zoom.
  11. The next program chair and greeter were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned.