January 25, 2022 Meeting Report

Featuring a presentation from Jeff Dawson, director of the Lester Public Library of Two Rivers and much more!

January is Vocational Service Month

This month's Junior Rotarian is Olivia Mott!


Brian Jenson is our Chair this week. He invited Jeff Dawson, director of the Lester Public Library to share what the library has been up to through the pandemic and evolving endemic.

Today's Program

A number of programmatic and facility projects were facilitated by the pandemic, leveraging the opportunities to work while "closed' to the public. These included:
  • Major Renovations
    • Installation of the “Magic Carpet”.  Along with new carpet installation, electricity was placed in new areas to provide access to all seating/work areas.
    • Floor Plan Changes to allow enhanced lake and garden views.
    • New furniture and fixtures to maximize an open floor plan design – more work space with the ability to host events with an 150 seat auditorium
    • New technology to enhance use of library resources highlighted by a tablet station and microfilm printers
    • Drive through window access/service to accommodate growing patron demand.
  • New Programs
    • “to go” packs
    • eLink connections
    • Children’s Corner with changing dramatic play center themes (first sponsored by our Rotary Club using District Grant funds
    • TR Public School Outreach programs
Indeed, this proved to be a “working” pandemic for the Lester Public Library!

Club Operations

💻 Virtual format. We return to our Hybrid Meeting format starting next week, February 1st.  The meeting will be conducted at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum with the virtual option offered as well.

📰 Program chair update. Colleen is preparing an updated schedule for program chair responsibilities and should be posted on our site shortly with weekly reminders to prompt our attention.

🗣 Board of Directors Report/Actions. Our next meeting takes place this week. The Club's Foundation met on January 20th.

Items of Note from the Board of Directors 

Foundation Report. The Central Park Project is officially named as our recipient of Annual Dinner funds and the Sepia Chapel designated as the dinner venue to be held on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Please consider the opportunity to help make this a successful (and enjoyable) event. Rotary fundraising guidance is being provided from the District level. A final decision has been reached as to Dinner logistics: in person with contingency plans in hand. The event will be hosted by the Sepia Chapel with catering provided by the Courthouse Pub. Stay tuned for more updates.
As previously communicated, our fundraising focus will key on the Central Park Renovation project with the recommendation (from the Foundation Board) to adopt the Skating Loop as our sponsored aspect of the project.  Betty B. presented the details of the Ice Rink Ribbon.  This uses proven synthetic ice configured in a loop skating rink design.   This surface offers the ability to host “any season” events – including warm weather skating event, if needed.  Questions were addressed before a final membership vote was taken that approved plans to proceed with the sponsorship.

Winter ice skating pond and loop, south half of park (pond overlays splash pad area)—planned for artificial ice
Club Secretary opportunity. Colleen stepping down at the end of December presents an opportunity for others to move into this important role. Detailed instructions and mentorship is available. If you are interested, please let Steve D. know. Update: A “divide and conquer” option is available with a division of tasks among a couple of members to make the opportunity more palatable.
President-Elect opportunity. As a reminder, the position of President-Elect is open as well. Steve does not want to be a two-term president.
Please consider the opportunity to express the Rotary ideal of service in both of the above roles.

Club Events / Service Opportunities

Meals on Wheels. January 31st – February 4th  Mon-Fri. The invitation has been sent with signups available on-line. Wednesday and Thursday are open and need to be filled by the end of this week to finalize the schedule for next week.
(Diane J.) Get the Community Back in our Schools. This program is an opportunity for our Club to build student connections. The first opportunity is a Community Education Connection program on February 3, 2022.  The event will be held at the TRHS and will include a light dinner starting at 5:30 pm followed by a program and panel discussion. The program is titled: Resilience: the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.  RSVP links have been provided
🍕🍔🌮🥗 Annual Dinner. Let the planning begin! A call to action has been issued. The process used for the dinner is well-defined and honed – tried and true. All that is needed are the volunteers to put the process in motion and energize the effort.
  • A number of members have already stepped up to help with dinner logistics – Chris E-R., Lisa V., Diane J.
  • A meeting is planned on the 27th at 4pm. Please consider the opportunity and let Betty B. or Tim S. know of your interest.  Many hands make light work (and a successful event)! 
  • All members are requested to secure auction items and, in addition, provide names/contact information for our dinner guest list.
🍕🍔🌮🥗 Sunday Supper. We are two weeks out from our commitment on Sunday, February 6th.  Erin G. has agreed to coordinate the process with a taco night themed dinner planned.  An event and signup listing is on our website.  From setup to deserts to cards, there are a number of opportunities to help.

Looking Ahead...

District Grants. We will finalize completion plans for the grant for 2021-22 and will begin planning for 2022-23.
World Affairs Seminar Reimagining Global Health and Wellness: Contagious Ideas will be held on Saturday, June 18 – Friday, June 24, 2022  Promote World Affairs Seminar information at the high school. There is one student with interest at this time.  
Promote the Rotary Club of Two Rivers Scholarship at the high school.  Our intent is to offer multiple scholarships for technical college education to phase out this program’s funding. Thanks to Stanley P. for coordinating this program and to Brenda G. for helping “judge” the applicants.
And, looking way ahead. Interest was expressed in resurrecting the idea of a Rotary Float as a highlight of the 2022 Christmas Parade. This would be a fine idea to kick off our Club’s Centennial Year! We can check and see if the Rotary Rose Parade float is available for our local use 🎅🏻 🎄
Next week's program. City of Two Rivers – Terri Vosters, Parks and Recreation

District Activities

📆 SCHEDULE CHANGE: Our second session has been moved to February 23rd from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. on the topic of "Leading Effective Training." Have you been asked to speak, teach, train, or be a panelist? Training in the virtual world is different (and more challenging!) than in person! Leading Effective Training will provide tips for developing training content, selecting and using tools that engage participants, and will share presentation skills that will connect you with your audience. This session on Wednesday, February 23rd, from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m., will be co-presented by District Trainer Lisa O'Halloran, DGN Don Griffing, and Body Language Expert Kristin Bock.
🏛 Pre-PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) Feb 09, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
🏛 PETS training March 4-6 (live) in Chicago

Birthday and Anniversary Report

Chris Eggert-Rosenthal, January 11 🎂  
Erin Gonnerman, January 13 🎂 
Tom Czerwonka, 42 years 💍
Colleen Inman, 19 years 💍
Michael Ditmer, 5 years 💍
Steve Romero, 5 years 💍