December 20, 2022 Meeting Report

Our Club closed out 2022 with wide-ranging discussions about education in our schools and exciting plans for our Centenary Year celebrations.

Kiley K., this week's Junior Rotarian, gave a summary of the events that took place prior to the holiday break. It began with the ACTs, and ended with a "Wellness Day" that allowed students to pick from several fun activities, before returning to school in the New Year.

Informal Club Forum

Diane J. gave an introductory presentation on alternative education programs in the Two Rivers School District. This sparked an engaging Q&A session, during which members explored the advantages of the state's educational funding formula, which allows for more money to flow into the district when student imports exceed exports.

Club Operations

Committee Opportunities. Please consider serving as a chair on a Rotary Club of Two Rivers Committee. Opportunities will be distributed at each meeting.  We need everyone to take an active role to complete our many projects.
  • A special thanks is owed to Todd N. for stepping into the breach as interim Club Communications Coordinator creating meeting agendas, notes and their retooling/retelling for our Club members.
  • Openings include chair positions for the New Membership and RI Foundation committees.
Breaking News! Dennis Swetlik has announced his intention to serve as President-Elect 2022-23 and will ascend to the Presidency on July 1st. Hail to the Chief!
At the Foundation Board meeting this week, $500 was approved to support a warming shelter for area homeless. This grant comes at a much-needed and timely moment, in addition to the grant awards approved at last week's Board meeting. Moreover, Jim Lester has agreed to fill the Foundation Board vacancy left by the departure of Brian J.

Club Events and Service Opportunities

Sign up now for Meals on Wheels from January 16th-20th!
Members discussed Friday's Salvation Army Bell Ringing and recommended that Rotarians need a better way to identify themselves.
Kudos to Diane Johnson for successfully completing the Adopt-a-Family 2022 initiative, which was concluded with a wrapping party at the TRHS and the special gift delivery on Monday. 

Building on the incredible story of Rotarian Barry Nelson’s work to help Ukranians, our club is looking to launch a larger community storytelling initiative that would involve the Wisconsin Ukrainian group. Colleen I. has been representing our club in the planning process. To commemorate the one year anniversary of the war, a presentation to the community is being planned for February 23rd, as well as a special Zoom connection to Ukraine.

The Create-a-Card project was a great success, and we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed Christmas cards, bringing joy and hope to many Ukrainian children!

We are excited to announce the plans for the 2023 Annual Fundraising Dinner, which will support the Central Park 365 project. The tentative date for the Dinner is Saturday March 25, 2023. We invite you to join the dinner planning group, with the first meeting taking place on Thursday, January 5th at Bank First (4pm). This is a unique chance to join us from the beginning of our event planning, so please give it serious consideration.

In February, it's our turn to host Sunday Supper. Betty B. will be the point person, with assistance from the other members. Everyone is welcome to join!

A committee is being established to plan the upcoming Centennial Club with the first meeting set for next week. This committee will brainstorm ideas and concepts inspired by themes such as “promoting peace on earth” and “making a difference in Two Rivers for 100 years”. Further information about the meeting will be communicated soon.

Our Club has a great opportunity to build student connections - let's get the Community back in our Schools! Diane J. was proud to report that nine (9) musical events were provided over the past two (2) weeks and the Holiday concerts were a success. In celebration, students and staff will have a well-deserved break from December 23rd to January 2nd, 2023.

District Activities

Save the date for Rotary TriCon 2023 on April 28-29 and make sure to add it to your calendar!

Happy Bucks: Member News, Quips & Quotes

“Happy Bucks” is where the Club members get the opportunity to share their personal "quips and quotes" of experiences from the past week. We are all happy that Betty's back and threw a number of bucks into the hat. We also expressed appreciation for Steve D.'s exemplary leadership and threw more bucks into the hat as this is his final meeting.
Club Member Birthdays

Ned Jacquart (12/15) 🎂
Jeff Zimmerlee (12/15) 🎂
Wendy Brandt (12/26) 🎂

Rotary Anniversaries

Ned Jacquart (29 years) ⚙️
Betty Bittner (17 years) ⚙️
Tim Wester (8 years) ⚙️

  Next Week: Our Club will be celebrating its centennial next year, and we invite you to join us for our Club Assembly on January 3rd, 2023 at the Cool City Brewing Company! This will be a great way to start the new year and reflect on our past while looking forward to the future. Unfortunately, there will not be a meeting this week between Christmas and New Year's Day.