April 18, 2023 Meeting Report

Mike Mathis, Director of Two Rivers Parks & Recreation, shared three district grant ideas for the City of Two Rivers Parks & Recreation, while also discussing the ongoing development of the Master Plan for Neshotah Park.

Meeting Minutes - Rotary Club of Two Rivers

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 Location: Cool City Brewing Company and via Zoom

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the 4-Way Test. The attendees welcomed the guest, Mike Mathis, Director of Parks & Recreation, and acknowledged the birthdays and anniversaries. Madison was identified as the Junior Rotarian of the month but did not attend the meeting.

The program for the day was presented by Mike Mathis, who shared three ideas for Rotary district grants for the City of Two Rivers Parks & Recreation. Idea One was for a new playground at Neshotah Park, while Idea Two was for a new fence at Zander Park. The third idea was for Washington Park Native Plantings. Mike provided detailed information on each of the ideas, including their cost and potential impact. The timeline for each idea was also discussed, with all of them expected to be completed between May and July of next year.

Mike also discussed the Master Plan for Neshotah Park, which is currently being developed with the goal of making the park cleaner, safer, more natural, convenient, fun, and sustainable. He shared some of the goals for the park, including increasing the quantity of trees, developing distinct play areas for young people, and finding ways to reduce park expenses.

The club operations were discussed, including the upcoming programs, need for chairs or members of committees, and any board or foundation meeting reports. Club Events and Service Opportunities were also discussed, and it was noted that all the Meals on Wheels spots have been filled. Members were invited to contribute to Rotary's Happy Bucks by celebrating or supporting any events of their choice.

The next program chair and greeter were identified, and the meeting was adjourned.