September 13, 2022 Meeting Report

The Two Rivers School Board addressed Club members this morning to make a case for a referendum to make improvements to our public schools.

September is Education and Literacy Month

Today's Program: Support the Public Schools Referendum on November 8th

A vibrant city needs a vibrant school system! We R TR!
Diane Johnson and Tim Wester provided an update that builds a compelling case for referendum support on November 8th. 
L.B. Clarke Prominent Needs: 
  • Overcrowded halls during transition times 
  • Drop off/Neighborhood traffic a challenge-back and front 
  • Outdated infrastructure 
  • Technology needs 
  • Safe entrances need updating 
  • Outdated Playgrounds
Additional Needs District Wide: 
  • Improve building security: entrances specifically 
  • Update building systems and technology access 
  • Renovate elementary and middle school playgrounds
The District has a history of balanced budget operations; however, the scope of this project requires increased funding and community support to the tune of $38.7 million over a 21 year period.

Club Goals? Stay Tuned!

Mark your calendar. September 20th will be an important Club Assembly that will set the stage for this year's agenda. Mark your calendar for the reveal of our Club-specific goals. Please review the list of committees (previously distributed) representing the good work in which we engage each year. The hope is to engage committee chairs early in the process.  

Club Operations

📰  Check the program schedule for your next chance to contribute to meeting programming. An email communication will be sent to all members listing the program schedule with plans to send out specific chair responsibilities monthly.

✅ Board of Directors Report/Actions. The next Club Foundation meeting is scheduled for next week.

🦸🏼‍♂️New Board Member Found! The Club has found a new member for the board. Kim Henning has stepped into the breach. Thank you!  This is an “at large” member slot (a 2-year term).  The board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month and provides the opportunity to both better understand and impact the activities of our Club.  

Club Events / Service Opportunities

🎆 Fireworks Concessions Now Sept 17. A concession was made to last Saturday’s Community Fireworks Event due to the threat of rain. The event is now rescheduled for this Saturday, September 17th with a 4pm concession set up starting time.  
🍽 🚗  Meals on Wheels, November 7-11.  Thank you to all of our volunteers!
🌳 VDB Arboretum Wine Walk. A wine walk has been scheduled for Saturday, October 1st (4-7pm).  With many members of our Club already engaged in the VDB operation, this is a great chance to mingle and enjoy the progress made..
🇺🇦Ukrainian Storytelling Project...  Building on the remarkable story of Rotarian Barry Nelson, the Club plans to build upon interest in a broader community story-telling initiative. This project will include representation from the Wisconsin Ukrainian group providing awareness and support for the needs of the Ukrainian people. Please contact Colleen I. with interest in representing our Club in the planning process.

☮️ Peace Pole Project Completion Dedication this month! Our winning 2022-23 District Grant concept is for a Peace Pole project at the Two Rivers High School.  We are aiming for completion and a dedication sometime in October. Upon completion, the pole will allow students to gather, reflect, and find peace. It will be part of a larger Rotary peace initiative.  The ground is now ready for the "pouring of the slab" and Peace Pole parts will be here in the next week. That's when our Club's help will be needed. Please contact Betty B. if you'd like to help. 
Get the Community Back in our Schools is ann opportunity for our Club to build student connections. Look for ways to build student connections as school gets back in session.
🏎 Road Rally 2022 Raffle Baskets. This joint Club program is scheduled for October 15th.  Each of the three (3) Clubs has committed to four (4) themed “raffle baskets” valued at $100 each.  Examples of past entries were provided to prime the creative pump.  Please let Deb B. know of your interest.
🍎 Applefest 2022 is only three weeks away! This year’s fun-filled event is scheduled for October 8th with big plans for future growth going forward.  
  • Great food!
  • 30 arts & crafts vendors!
  • Four apple vendors!
  • A host of activities ranging from music to face painting!
  • Meetings are held at the firehouse. Our current focus is on logistics.  
  • An Applefest website has been launched to help promote the event.
  • Volunteer recruitment is a focus for success from members to Junior Rotarians. This is an “all hands on deck” event, so clear your calendar!
💐2022 Rose Sale Lori Z will lead this year's effort! 
And, looking way ahead. Interest was expressed in creating a Rotary Float as a highlight of the 2022 Christmas Parade. This would be a fine idea to kick off our Club’s Centennial Year! Concepts were raised that incorporated such Club themes as “promoting peace on earth” and “making a difference in Two Rivers for 100 years”.  An exploratory committee is being explored (or floated). 🎅🏻 🎄
💵 Happy Bucks is a way to share and celebrate member news with others, including "quips and quotes" about their experiences from the past week. Shout outs were given to
  • Michael D/Deb B. for their work in promoting Applefest
  • Deb B. for the energy/enthusiasm imparted as Club secretary
  • Diane J. for her leadership as our School District Administration
Michael D. was very happy with his recent trip to Denver expressed by the very tangible donation of $30 to Club coffers.
Birthday and Anniversary Report

Lisa Van Lanen (9/26) 🎂

None to speak of! ⚙️

  Next week’s program is our Club Assembly. Please review the list of committees (previously distributed) representing the good work in which we engage each year.  The hope is to engage committee chairs early in the process.  That old adage, “many hands make light work,” certainly applies.

2021-22 Board Members:
President: Michael Ditmer
President-Elect: Tim Schroeder
Secretary: Deborah Brotcke
Treasurer: Jeff Zimmerlee
Past President: Steve Denzien
Members at large: Brenda Georgenson and one additional spot to be announced!