Peace Pole Project

Through the Two Rivers Peace Pole Project, the Rotary Club of Two Rivers exemplifies a community's resilience, compassion, and commitment to a better future. In a world increasingly complex, may this Peace Pole serve as a reminder to us all to strive for understanding, empathy, and peace.

The Two Rivers Peace Pole Project: A Beacon of Harmony and Understanding

In the heart of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, the Rotary Club of Two Rivers recently embarked on a profound mission to sow seeds of peace, compassion, and understanding within the community. With the support of a Rotary district grant, the Peace Pole Project was born—a poignant response to tragic events involving students at Two Rivers High School and the broader societal challenges we face today.

The Vision Behind the Peace Pole Project

The Two Rivers Rotarians recognized an urgent need for a peaceful, reflective space within the high school campus. The Peace Pole Project isn't merely a monument but a symbol of unity, a call to action, and a quiet place to contemplate global and personal issues. It's a space to remember, to celebrate, and most importantly, to initiate meaningful conversations about peace.
The purpose of the Peace Pole Project extends beyond aesthetics. It aims to:
  • Explore peace, whether individually or in groups.
  • Offer reconciliation to those in need.
  • Remember and honor those who have suffered or died through violence.
  • Celebrate and recognize peacemakers.
  • Build goodwill and community spirit, emphasizing the importance of peace.
  • Provide a gathering space for those seeking to make a positive impact on healing in the world.

What is a Peace Pole?

A Peace Pole is more than a monument. It's a universal symbol, bearing the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in multiple languages, including English, Czech, Spanish, Hmong, and braille. First envisioned by Masahisa Goi in 1955 in Japan, over 250,000 Peace Poles now stand in every country in the world, dedicated as testaments to peace.

From the north magnetic pole to the pyramids of Giza, Peace Poles serve as silent visuals, reminding us to embody peace and harmony. "Planting" a Peace Pole brings people together, awakening a shared human consciousness and uplifted spirit.

Benefiting the Two Rivers Community

The impact of the Two Rivers Peace Pole Project reaches far and wide. Students, teachers, staff, and community members alike will benefit from this symbol of unity. By fostering dialogue and strengthening our collective resolve, we're creating a better place to live.

Project Details

Constructed on the exterior grounds of Two Rivers High School, the project includes a 16x16 foot concrete pad, a center stone planter with plantings, and a six-foot peace pole mounted at the center. Flanked by three benches, this space invites reflection, located at the east side of the high school.


Our heartfelt thanks go to Two Rivers High School and Adam Rorher for their partnership. Special recognition also goes to Green Acres Landscaping, HMF Innovations, and The City of Two Rivers Public Works for their generous contributions.