November 2 2021 Meeting Report

Read about our newest member, hear about Brenda Koprowski's plans for an upcoming visit from the Sister City of Two Rivers in the Czech Republic and much more!
November is Rotary Foundation month.
2021-22 RI President Shekhar Mehta - using the Theme, Serve To Change Lives.  
Lisa Werner is our District Governor 2021-2022.

Today's Program

Our newest Club member, Two Rivers Schools Superintendent Diane Johnson, invited Brenda Koproswki to share plans for an upcoming visit from representatives of Domazlice, the Sister City of Two Rivers in the Czech Republic. The representatives are coming in spring of 2022 to visit the school and the City of Two Rivers.
As our Sister City Coordinator, Brenda provided an overview of the work involved in establishing a Sister City relationship with Domazlice. The history that binds our two communities has evolved into more tangible expressions of this relationship, from commemorative plaques and proclamations to “beer camp” to more elevated culture exchanges.
The relationship continues to build in the “spirit of friendship and goodwill” to:
  • Encourage a greater understanding of and appreciation for the shared history
  • Support and encourage visits by the citizens of both communities
  • Collaborate by exploring educational, economic, historical, and cultural opportunities
A 2022 Student/Sister City Cultural Exchange is scheduled around next Memorial Day and will serve to re-establish visits interrupted by the COVID pandemic. This visit will also be highlighted by the world premiere of a performance of Pamatik – A Memorial.
Want to help support this exchange? Your help is needed from transportation to housing and from fundraising to programming . Contact Brenda at

Club Operations

  • Meeting logistics help. Along with a return to the Wood Type Museum, we need a volunteer to help set up our meeting room.  Each Monday around 4pm, in advance of our Tuesday morning meeting, chairs and technology need to be placed to ensure a smooth start to our meetings. Please let Peter Crabbe or Steve Denzien know of your willingness to help with this aspect of Club service.
  • Board of Directors Report / Actions. Report from last Wednesday's meeting.
  • Foundation Report. Now that our Club’s Woodland Dunes commitment has been fulfilled, our attention turns to a Spring Annual Dinner. The Foundation board recommendation approved by our Club’s board of directors, includes naming the Central Park Project as the recipient of Annual Dinner funds. Sepia Chapel is proposed as the dinner venue on Saturday, April 2nd 2022. The plan was approval by acclamation in a voice vote. Now the work begins. Please consider the opportunity to help make this a successful and enjoyable event!
  • Colleen Inman stepping down as Club Secretary. Rotary's ideal of service is based on the Five Avenues of Service – Club, Vocational, Community, International and New Generations. Together, they comprise Rotary International's philosophical cornerstone. After many years of service as Club Secretary, Colleen Inman has announced plans to step down from this role at the end of December. This presents an opportunity for others to move into an important role. Detailed instructions and mentorship is available. If you are interested, please let Steve Denzien know.
  • President-Elect opening. As a reminder, the position of President-Elect is open as well. Steve does not want to be a two-term President.  Please consider the opportunity to express the Rotary ideal of service in these roles.

Club Events/Service Opportunities

Signups are provided in the binder

  • Ivy Tunnel installation volunteers needed. Grant plans to apply our successful $3000 grant award for installation of an Ivy Tunnel.   With the painting completed, next up is structure assembly.  This calls for a group of 9 needed with scheduling later this week!  We plan on Jumping Through Hoops (once they are assembled) with coordination provided by Jim L.  All of this work is considered “light” needing  willing hands for completion.  Please respond to Jim Lester with your intent to help and final date/time to be announced by mid-week.

    • The final step is the preparation and planting of the ivy…TBD. 
  • Sign up for the Rose Sale.  Sign up for distribution on Nov. 18 and 19 (Thu/Fri). You can volunteer both on our web site (see the event description) and in the binder. Tickets were distributed with plenty available for our “overachievers.”  We have 144 dozen roses purchased including 14 dozen extras!
  • Meals on Wheels. (December 20-23 – Mon to Thur) Sign up early to reserve your spot.
Looking ahead:
  • Adopt-a-family plan includes a selection from Hope House and leadership by Colleen I.
  • Fifth Tuesday (11/30) … a social event is being contemplated with details TBD.
  • Salvation Army Bell-Ringing (Friday 12/17) – an event sign up is being prepared.

Birthday/Anniversary Report

  • Birthdays (a prolific month): Dennis Swetlik (11/10); Jim Lester (11/13); Steve Denzien (11/18);   Steve Romero (11/18); and Tim Schroeder (11/27)
  • Anniversaries: Lauretta Krcma-Olson (32yrs)

 Looking ahead…

  • Next week’s program:  Peter Crabbe…happy “Wayzgoosing” 
  • Future program idea – web site primer
  • Future program idea – Central Park Project plans (Wendy Kozlowski)

 Reminder:  Read your Rotarian and Visit our Club’s website…every member, every week.