March 14, 2023 Meeting Report

Painting Pathways Clubhouse empowers adults with mental health concerns by supporting recovery, building community, and providing hope. We heard from Brian Portzen, the organization's director today.

Meeting Minutes: Rotary Club of Two Rivers

Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2023 Location: Cool City Brewing Company and via Zoom

Attendees: Members of the Rotary Club of Two Rivers, Brian Portzen from Painting Pathways

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test
  2. Welcome and Announcements
  3. Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries
  4. Program: Two Rivers Schools
  5. Club Operations
  6. Club Events and Service Opportunities
  7. District Activities
  8. Happy Bucks
  9. Looking Ahead


  1. Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test: The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test.

  2. Welcome and Announcements: The president of the club welcomed all the attendees and shared the agenda for the meeting.

  3. Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries: The club acknowledged the birthdays and anniversaries of its members. Deborah Brotcke and Colleen Inman celebrated their birthdays in March, while Stanley and Elizabeth Palmer celebrated their anniversary on March 22. Lisa Van Lanen also celebrated her third year of joining the club on March 3.

  4. Program: Today's program is focused on Painting Pathways, an organization that aims to empower adults with mental health concerns. Executive Director Brian Portzen explained that the organization is fully funded by donors and serves adults in Manitowoc County. Painting Pathways provides support in areas such as peer relationships, employment, self-care, daily culinary needs, self-directed wellness, gardening, and crafts and arts. Their partners include Lakeshore Community Health, Manitowoc County Human Services, local high schools, Aurora Hospital, UW, County AG, and NAMI Lighthouse Core. On March 30, a fundraiser titled "Art Show: A Fusion of Senses" will be held at The Venue at Union Square to showcase the work of Painting Pathways participants.

  5. Club Operations: Due to an audio issue with the Zoom, no updates are available at this time.

  6. Club Events and Service Opportunities: Members were reminded to contribute to the Booze Bin and to submit auction items ($50 minimum) for the upcoming Annual Dinner. The club was also asked to contact potential guests to attend.

  7. District Activities: No district activities were discussed during the meeting.

  8. Happy Bucks: Members were invited to share their happy moments and contribute to Rotary. This week and next, all Happy Bucks will go into the bag of cash which is an auction item at the Annual Dinner!

  9. Looking Ahead: District Governor Mike Phillips will be the speaker on March 21. A Club Assembly is scheduled for March 28.

The meeting ended slightly later than the scheduled time.