January 10, 2023 Meeting Report

Tim Wester, Principal of L. B. Clarke, and Daniel Butler, the new Associate Principal, updated members on the status of the two planned additions at the L. B. Clarke Middle School.

Welcome (Guests and Junior Rotarians)

Our Junior Rotarians this week were Cameron Sayeski and Dion Limon.

Today's Program: L.B. Clarke School Improvements

Tim Wester, Principal of L. B. Clarke, and Daniel Butler, the new Associate Principal, informed Club members about the status of the two proposed add-ons to L. B. Clarke Middle School.
The improvements include modernized technology labs, a bigger cafeteria, more spacious classrooms, new routes to prevent overcrowding near the school, relocation of the main entrance, isolating the center of the building to host neighborhood events, a courtyard to bring in natural light, collaborative areas designed for student group work, a larger area for student services, an up-to-date fitness center, a sheltered entrance, and a safe vestibule for entrance (improving security).
Additionally, three full gym spaces will be added. The building committee will visit recently remodeled schools to gain insight on how to handle the process.

Club Events and Service Opportunities

Meals on Wheels for January is staffed. Thank you to all volunteers. Remember to fill out the required application before participating.
We have filled most of the volunteer needs for Sunday Supper, but Betty could use two more people to help from 2-6 pm on Sunday, February 5 at St. Peter the Fisherman. 
Our annual meeting date has been changed to April 1. Bob has agreed to be the auctioneer. Colleen will distribute the guest list to members.  Could everyone add up to 5 new names to the list?  Members are expected to donate auction items/donation (minimum $50).  We held an election for this year's honorary member.

District Activities

Tricon is scheduled for April 28 & 29 in LaCrosse.  Rotarians encouraged to attend.

Looking Ahead

  • Easter Bags Apr 9. Get list of students from TREP about 2 months in advance. Lori is chairing this year.
  • 2023-2024 District Grant ideas. To serve, you must go through training. 
  • 100-year anniversary celebration planning. Michael will take this work on. He will mail out a date for people to meet. Jim suggested looking back at what we used for the 75th anniversary.
Next week's program chair is Colleen.