February is a special month for the Rotary community as it is designated as Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month. During this time, Rotarians across the world celebrate their commitment to promoting peace and resolving conflicts

Conflict and violence are unfortunately all too common in our world, leading to displacement and suffering for millions of people, particularly women and children. The Rotary family is dedicated to addressing the root causes of conflict, such as poverty, lack of education, and unequal distribution of resources, and works tirelessly to build peace and prevent conflicts from escalating.

Rotarians provide training to adults and young leaders to help prevent and mediate conflicts and offer aid to refugees who have fled dangerous areas. During this month, Rotarians take the time to reflect on their efforts and recommit to promoting peace and reducing conflict in their communities and beyond. Through their efforts, Rotarians are helping to create a brighter, more peaceful future for us all.