December 21, 2021 Meeting Report

Read the latest meeting highlights, including our website primer and social media recommendations from Todd Nilson, information about the Holiday Club Social in January, and much more!


December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month


Brenda G. is chair and has invited our very own webmaster, Todd Nilson.  Todd presented a site primer to pique our interest.  Beginning with an overview of his “day job,” Todd has shared his skill set with applications aimed at improving our site which is based on the ClubRunner software platform.

Today's Program

Todd sees two primary purposes for our web site…
  • Member information/communications
  • Community outreach to build awareness, interest and member recruitment
It is the second item that presents the greatest room for improvement.  Changes, aimed at improving access and ease of use, include:
  • A new domain name – – 
  • Simplified navigation options
  • Highlighted calls to action
  • Expanded links to related sites
  • Improved event signups for our members
Future developments include:
  • A video introducing our Club to the community (and interested individuals)
  • Harnessing the talents of UW-GB students to build content features
  • Increasing our social media presence on Facebook and starting a LinkedIn Club Page and a You Tube channel.
Content contributions are needed!  Please consider sharing your pictures, stories and anecdotes with Todd for possible posting.   This is a great opportunity to reflect on our Club’s impact – past, present, and future as we prepared for our centennial.  And remember to visit the site on a regular basis, integrating its power into our Club’s activity.
Todd closed by stating that our Club’s site and web presence can hold its own with the best of other Rotary sites.

Club Operations

⏰ Volunteer opportunity. The club is seeking a volunteer to help set up our Wood Type Museum meeting room.  Each Monday (4pm or so), in advance of our Tuesday morning meeting, chairs and technology need to be placed to ensure a smooth start to our meetings.  Please let Peter C. or Steve D. know of your willingness to help with this aspect of Club service.

🔔  Salvation Army bell ringing. We conducted a brief debrief of Friday’s event. Thanks to all who helped to “do the most good.”

📆  Club Holiday Social. Save the date for January 6, 2022. This year's event will be held at the renowned Still Bend with food/drinks, potluck style. Details coming soon. In light of the Holiday Club Social planned for the week of January 3rd, the decision was made to gather socially on the 6th (at the social) and not conduct our regular Tuesday, January 4th meeting.  Hope to see everyone at the January 6th Social!

Items of Note from the Board of Directors 

Foundation Report. The Central Park Project is officially named as our recipient of Annual Dinner funds and the Sepia Chapel designated as the dinner venue to be held on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Please consider the opportunity to help make this a successful (and enjoyable) event. Betty B. and team will start the formal planning process right after the holidays.
Club Secretary opportunity. Colleen stepping down at the end of December presents an opportunity for others to move into this important role. Detailed instructions and mentorship is available. If you are interested, please let Steve D. know. Update: A “divide and conquer” option is available with a division of tasks among a couple of members to make the opportunity more palatable.
President-Elect opportunity. As a reminder, the position of President-Elect is open as well. Steve does not want to be a two-term president.
Please consider the opportunity to express the Rotary ideal of service in both of the above roles.

Club Events / Service Opportunities

Meals on Wheels. Next year’s service starts with January 31st to February 4th.
Adopt-a-Family project. We wrapped this project up with a wrapping party on December 21st and a dropped gifts off at Hope House on Wednesday, the 22nd.  Thanks to Lori Z. and Colleen I. for coordinating the shopping and the process and to our members that helped!
Happy Bucks! Each week, club members can share their "personal quips and quotes" about experiences in exchange for a Happy Bucks contribution. Over the next two weeks, these contributions will go to the wait staff at Two Rivers Family Restaurant

Looking Ahead...

Next week's program chair. We are taking next week off for good behavior and will start the new year with our first meeting on January 11th. Erin Gonnerman is program chair.
And, looking way ahead. Interest was expressed in resurrecting the idea of a Rotary Float as a highlight of the 2022 Christmas Parade. This would be a fine idea to kick off our Club’s Centennial Year! We can check and see if the Rotary Rose Parade float is available for our local use 🎅🏻 🎄

Birthday and Anniversary Report

Jeff Zimmerle, December 15 🎂  
Ned Jacquart, (also!) December 15 🎂 
Ned Jacquart, 28 years 💍
Betty Bittner, 16 years 💍
Tim Wester, 7 years 💍
Jerry Juckem, 1 year 💍