August 9, 2022 Meeting Report

Mike Mathis, the new director of the City of Two Rivers Parks and Recreation department, shared his vision and plans for the department and his goal to transform the city's outdoor adventure culture.

August is Membership and Extension Month


The Greeter role is being brought back along with a schedule to be distributed soon. Plan on performing this responsibility the week before your turn as program chair.  In this role, you will greet members, orient guests and mark attendance on that day’s greeter sheet. You will need to get started a few minutes early so as to “get the badges out.” Yes, we are resurrecting those as well.
Club recognition was center stage at last night’s school board meeting for our recent contributions to the Angel Fund and Peace Pole Project.

Today's Program

Mike Mathis, the new CIty of Two Rivers Parks and Recreation director Mike Mathis talked about his plans for the department. Mike is settling into our community and his new role. With a background in environmental education and an ecology focus, he brings an infusion of energy and creativity.
What can the Parks and Recreation Department do for us and the community? 
  • Community Identity
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Health and Wellness
  • Tourism Industry
  • Job Skills
  • Life-long habits
  • Property Value
  • Protect the Environment
  • Retain and Attract People
Mike outlined his vision for the department to be a catalyst for changing our culture.  The core concept involves creating an outdoor adventure culture centered around our community’s assets.

How do we make this happen?
  • Commitment
  • Independence
  • Engagement
  • Attraction
  • Outreach 
He shared a few success stories.  Specific to Two Rivers, he will focus on accessibility with adventures found in the everyday. We must leverage our assets, from infrastructure to history to our unique natural resources.  A focus on partnerships will build on what we already do well.

Club Operations

📰  Check the program schedule for your next chance to contribute to meeting programming. An email communication will be sent to all member listing the program schedule with plans to send out specific chair responsibilities monthly.

Board of Directors Report/Actions. Tim S. (Foundation Board Chair and newly minted Club board member) gave a brief report of the recent Foundation Board meeting.  Funding was approved for Crusaders of Justicia and the Angel Fund ($1000 each).
Member at Large Opportunity. The Club is looking for one (1) member for the Board.  This is an “at large” member slot (a 2 year term).  The board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month and provides the opportunity to both better understand and impact the activities of our Club.  
Rotary Storage Unit – Security and access to the unit has been defined with four (4) individuals given keys with a spare key stored at the Fire Department.  The move-in is now complete with a recognized ongoing need to inventory and maintain this space.


Club Events / Service Opportunities

🍽 🚗  Meals on Wheels, August 22nd-26th.  An invitation has been sent with sign ups available on line. Thanks for the strong Club response, all slots are now filled!
✏️ Annual School Supply Drive. A list of needs has been provided by Two Rivers Ecumenical Pantry. Supplies have been purchased and will be dropped off at TREP this Friday. Items will be distributed on 8/15 and 8/22.  Thanks to Lori Z. for leading the charge (and for Colleen’s assistance)!

💰 District Grant (2022-23) Our winning concept is for a Peace Pole project at the Two Rivers High School.  Upon completion, this will allow students to gather, reflect, and find peace and will be part of a larger Rotary peace initiative.  Rotary funds, Club labor and student artistic contributions will be needed to complete this project.   We are aiming for a completion by the early September to allow for a dedication the second week of September. The “slab” base is being poured this week with site preparation work being provided as a donation from Green Acres. Benches and a plaque have been ordered. Please contact Betty B. if you have an interest in helping.  Planning meetings are ongoing.
Get the Community Back in our Schools – an opportunity for our Club to build student connections. The “Reporter” newsletter is looking for Club news to add in its next edition.
🎸 🏖 Bands on the Beach 2022  Online signups for members are active. Upcoming dates include 7/31; 8/6; 8/14; 8/21 and 8/27.  A brief debrief disclosed a $772 haul from last Saturday’s event. Please consider the opportunity to share the positive vibes of this event, both helping and enjoying.
🍎 Applefest 2022 Thank you to Erin G. who has stepped up to provide leadership for our Club. This year’s event is scheduled for October 8th with big plans for future growth going forward.  
  • Multiple meetings have been held thus far with vendor (food/craft/apple) invitations sent and a good response noted.  
  • The Lions Club gear has been moved to our storage unit with a new canopy ordered.
  • Meetings continue at the Fire House with a logistics focus taking the stage.  
  • An Applefest website has been launched to help promote the event.
  • Volunteer recruitment is a focus for success from members to Junior Rotarians. This is an “all hands on deck” event, so clear your calendar!


Looking Ahead...

🛟 Annual Steak Fry (August 30th) at the Manitowoc Yacht Club.  The $25 cost includes steak and all the 'fixins.  A dish to pass will help to round out the meal.  Online signups are available and a sign up list was circulated at today’s meeting.  Events, such as this, are important to building an esprit de corps within our Club.
And, looking way ahead. Interest was expressed in creating a Rotary Float as a highlight of the 2022 Christmas Parade. This would be a fine idea to kick off our Club’s Centennial Year! Concepts were raised that incorporated such Club themes as “promoting peace on earth” and “making a difference in Two Rivers for 100 years”.  An exploratory committee is being explored (or floated). 🎅🏻 🎄
Birthday and Anniversary Report

Brenda Georgenson 8/19 🎂

Diane Johnson (8/26) 🎂

Tim Schroeder  (26 years) ⚙️

Diane Johnson (1 year) ⚙️

Erin Gonnerman (2 years) ⚙️

  Next week’s program Chair Lori Z. has invited Curt Andrews to provide a status report of the Cool City Brewing Company. Sadly, it is too early to provide samples.... 

2021-22 Board Members:
President: Michael Ditmer
President-Elect: Tim Schroeder
Secretary: Deborah Brotcke
Treasurer: Jeff Zimmerlee
Past President: Steve Denzien
Members at large: Brenda Georgenson and one additional spot (maybe you?)