April 25, 2023 Meeting Report

Former Rotary Exchange student, Brian Dean, shares his inspiring journey and reflections on Two Rivers' growth, along with updates on club operations, upcoming events, and district activities.

Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2023 Location: Cool City Brewing Company and via Zoom


  1. Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test
  2. Welcome and Announcements
  3. Acknowledgement of birthdays and anniversaries
  4. Introduction of Junior Rotarians and guests
  5. Polo shirt request - Contact Betty for assistance
  6. Presentation on the history of student Rotarians by Wendy
  7. Program Chair List for 2022-23
  8. Speaker: Brian Dean - Former Rotary Exchange student and Director of Tourism/Explore Two Rivers
  9. Club Operations
  10. Club Events and Service Opportunities
  11. District Activities
  12. Happy Bucks
  13. Looking Ahead


  1. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test.
  2. The attendees were welcomed, and general announcements were made.
  3. Birthdays and anniversaries were acknowledged.
  4. The Junior Rotarians for the day were introduced, and it was announced that high school representatives Reece Timm and Shaidyn White would start next week.
  5. Betty offered assistance to anyone in need of a polo shirt.
  6. Wendy presented information about the history of student Rotarians, including their previous yearbook page and a reading from Brian Dean, today's program guest.
  7. The Program Chair List for 2022-23 was shared.
    • May 2: TR Schools
    • May 9: Tim Schroeder
    • May 16: Lisa VanLanen
    • May 23: Tim Wester
    • May 30: 5th Tuesday Social
  8. Brian Dean, a former Rotary Exchange student and current Director of Tourism/Explore Two Rivers, was the speaker for the day. He shared his personal story and reflected on the positive growth and revitalization of Two Rivers. Brian attributed his inclusive and global thinking to his Rotary Exchange experience at the age of 15.
  9. Club Operations:
    • Upcoming programs were discussed.
    • Chairs or members for committees were requested.
    • Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 26, at 7:30 am at Two Rivers Family Restaurant.
    • Quarterly TR Rotary Foundation meeting on Wednesday, April 26, at 4:00 pm at Bank First, in conjunction with the Annual Dinner committee.
    • Dennis was unavailable to set up Zoom on May 2, and Michael and Todd volunteered to collaborate for the setup.
  10. Club Events and Service Opportunities:
    • Sundae Thursday volunteer sign-ups were requested for June 22.
    • Details regarding the event's location and timing were not provided.
    • Meals on Wheels sign-ups for the week of May 15th were coordinated, with an option to sign up online.
  11. District Activities:
    • The Tricon Business meeting was highlighted, and a summary report would be provided by three club members in the following week.
    • Deborah and Betty were working on the final draft for the Peace Pole project.
    • Ideas for the next grant project were discussed, considering the need for physical activity elements.
    • Dennis had taken pictures of Zander Park for submission, but it was suggested that the park might require more than a $3500 grant. The baseball park project was also mentioned as a significant investment.
    • Michael proposed planting native plants in Washington Park as a promising project that fulfills the District's support criteria.
  12. Happy Bucks:
    • Attendees shared their reasons for celebration or support, such as Deb's happiness in returning to Two Rivers and appreciation for the city's commitment to tourism. Brian Dean's return was also welcomed. 13